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Daily Online Business Tips – Build Long Term Relationships

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Sacrifice some of the immediate profits for some long term relationships with your clients. Especially in the early stages of a business, finding and maintaining a pool of stable clients is crucial. Having a constant,...

Daily Online Business Tips – Money Is Hot

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Don’t let your money pile up and sit idle, move it around, buy more resources, start new projects but don’t let it sit. The temptations of accumulating money for “the bad days” is so high, especially because this area...

Daily Online Business Tips – Give Up Reading CV’s And Meet People

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I really only skim CV’s because they only highlight all the best training, education and certifications and past job history. They don’t tell you about the personality of the individual. Instead, I started to go out, ...

Daily Online Business Tips – Are You A Voluntary Slave To Your Business?

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“A slave to your business?” Maybe some of us. But more likely it’s voluntary slavery. We are willing to go through all this in exchange for what we will accomplish, express, develop, feel, and have available if we suc...

Daily Online Business Tips – Money Is A Resource, Not A Goal

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Too often money is seen as a goal. Everybody asks you: “how much money do you make?”. In my experience, when seeing money as a goal, you have a hard time working with it. When you look at it like a resource for buildi...

Daily Online Business Tips – Great Leaders Develop More Leaders, Not Just Followers

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Unless in a crisis or new on the job, if a leader is always needed for all decisions, he or she hasn’t done the job well. Leaders must develop more leaders, not just followers.  Are you developing leaders in your orga...

Daily Online Business Tips – You Have Only One Crack At Life. Make it Count!

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You have one crack at life and you don’t want to go down as “normal.” Make it count. Click the banner below to learn more about the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle, an online business system that is being used by regular ...

Daily Online Business Tips – Be Curious

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Don't assume you know everything. Allow yourself to be curious about things that look interesting or intriguing. Creating good online products or services is often the result of unstoppable curiosity about why somethi...

Daily Online Business Tips – Measure, Measure, Measure

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Always use all the available metrics to where you are with your project. Don't be fooled by your imagination or let your wishful thinking get in your way. Measure everything you do. That was one of the key points I le...

Have You Seen The New Patriot Funnel System Yet?

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The Patriot Funnel System (PFS) is the latest product to be offered by MOBE (My Online Business Education) and has been built exclusively for current and former military members.  Many members of the military serve th...

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