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Daily Online Business Tips – Assess The Big Picture

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Partnerships are based on trust. No trust, no partnership. Quite difficult to assess, because what you may perceive as a lack of honesty or deception is most of the time the result of incidental misunderstandings. Rea...

Daily Online Business Tips – Money Is A Resource, Not A Goal

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Too often money is seen as a goal. Everybody asks you: “how much money do you make?”. In my experience, when seeing money as a goal, you have a hard time working with it. When you look at it like a resource for buildi...

Daily Online Business Tips – Authority Is The New Currency

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What I mean is that I understand that you won’t always be able to monetize some of your projects, despite their obvious success. In this case, what you are getting back in exchange is the positioning of authority. It’...

Daily Online Business Tips – Learn To Write, Understand And Sign Contracts

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I agree, trust is always necessary when negotiating contracts, but before you reach the trust level, make sure you have all your bases covered. Learning to understand contracts is also useful in order to know what are...

Daily Online Business Tips – Be Prepared To Lose

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Some projects will work, some not. You will lose money at some point. Be prepared, it’s part of the game. If it’s not working, it’s not working. Don’t get stuck in patterns like: “I have to recover my loss”, or “let’s...

Daily Online Business Tips – The Two And A Half Rule

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This was one of the most precious budgeting rules I ever learned while I was doing online business. Here’s how it works. First of all, be generous when you budget your project. Put slightly more money than you need in...

Daily Online Business Tips – Don’t Be Cheap

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Running an online business is not cheap. At all. Buy the best servers you can afford, the best laptops for your employees, the best software tools you can find. The speed of this medium is absolutely incredible, and i...

Daily Online Business Tips – Build Long Term Relationships

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Sacrifice some of the immediate profits for some long term relationships with your clients. Especially in the early stages of a business, finding and maintaining a pool of stable clients is crucial. Having a constant,...

Daily Online Business Tips – Delegate Your Money Technicalities To A Professional

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Hire a good accountant and make sure you understand what he tells you. Your role is to grow a business not to fill in tax papers or invoices. Because money is one of the most precious resources in a business, many ent...

Daily Online Business Tips – Money Is Hot

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Don’t let your money pile up and sit idle, move it around, buy more resources, start new projects but don’t let it sit. The temptations of accumulating money for “the bad days” is so high, especially because this area...

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