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Daily Online Business Tips – Give Your Customer a Compelling Emotional Reason to Buy

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Logic is the steering wheel of your customer’s decision. If they go forward, they’ll steer in your direction if you made the most sense. But if they aren’t going forward at all, it doesn’t matter what way their wheels...

Daily Online Business Tips – What Sales Do You Have To Make To Get One?

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To make one sale in my business, the customer has to decide on four things – do it, do it right, do it with my company and do it NOW. That’s four sales we need to make to get one. What sales do you have to make to get...

Daily Online Business Tips – Do Your Customers Know Your Story

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A violinist sat on the floor in a train station with a hat out in front of him. Most people ignored him, some threw a few coins in the hat. A young girl stood mesmerized for a few moments until her mother grabbed her ...

Daily Online Business Tips – Why It Matters if Your Employees Are Nice

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Not being nice is a criteria for getting rid of an employee. Being nice is not a criteria for keeping them. Are all your employees “nice”? Click here to get your copy of the Online Money System Blueprint. This syst...

Daily Online Business Tips – Don’t Look to a New Hire To Fix a Business In Crisis

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Sometimes business people get themselves into a crisis where they need help. We look for someone else to solve our problems – a new employee, a new manager, or an outside consultant. We want to believe this new person...

Daily Online Business Tips – Do What You Dislike First Today – The Rest Will Seem Easy

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If you do what you fear or dislike to do first each day, you’ll have more motivation for the rest by feeling that sense of accomplishment. What’s first today? Click here to get your copy of the Online Money System ...

Daily Online Business Tips – Prepare To Win!

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Champions don’t become champions in the ring or on the racetrack on race day. Your salespeople don’t become champions in front of the prospect either. Prepare them. Click here to get your copy of the Online Money S...

Daily Online Business Tips – Are You Selling Correctly?

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Compared to others in your company or industry, if your sales results are poor, you’re doing it wrong. Period. Get it right. Click here to get your copy of the Online Money System Blueprint. This system that will h...

Daily Online Business Tips – Practice Answering Tough Customer Objections, Over and Over

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If you don’t have an answer to a prospect’s objections, figure out how you’re going to ace it next time. If you don’t, you’re going to hear that same objection over and over again – and get beat up by it over and over...

Daily Online Business Tips – Find Out What It Will Take To Get Your Sales Proposal Accepted – Ask

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There’s no point in presenting a proposal that won’t get accepted. Present proposals that will. That means you have to find out what will be accepted before you write it up. Right? Click here to get your copy of th...

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