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Daily Online Business Tips – The #1 Way to Keep Good Employees: Work On Your Relationship

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Our employees’ relationship with their immediate supervisor is the number one most important thing that determines if they like their job and stay. Do they feel respected, appreciated and valued? What do you think you...

Daily Online Business Tips – If You Keep Fixing the Same Problems, It’s Time to Find a Way to Prevent Them

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Do we keep seeing the same issues come off the problem conveyor belt? Do we accept them and say “that’s the way it is”, while we keep fixing the problems over and over again? The process of getting better requires tha...

Daily Online Business Tips – In Business, It’s Not Just About How Much You Make, But How You Spend It

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Ever wonder, where’d all my money go? Go into your building and look around. Inventory, equipment, old stuff, new stuff, broken stuff – you paid for all that. What spending habits do you need to change in your busines...

Daily Online Business Tips – Are You Afraid To Succeed?

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Running a business well, once you get it set up that way, is easier than running it poorly. So why don’t we make a change? Many of us are afraid. Afraid we will lose the meager results we have. Afraid to learn somethi...

Daily Online Business Tips – Sometimes “I Don’t Know – I Need Help” Is The Best Thing You Can Say

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Thinking we have all the answers and looking strong in all situations is NOT the role of a leader – meaning you. You don’t have all the answers. Nobody does. And we aren’t fooling anyone by trying to make it appear we...

Daily Online Business Tips – Find Your Highest Value Activity For Today

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The average billionaire and the average bum have one thing in common – they have the same amount of time in a day. What they do with it is very different. What is the Highest Value Activity for you to be doing today (...

Daily Online Business Tips – You Are Not Your Business – Take Care of YOU First!

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While we put so much of ourselves into our business – so much caring, time, effort, sweat, hopes and dreams – it’s still not us. We must keep it separate. Us and our business – different. Click here to get your cop...

Daily Online Business Tips – Remember: You Have To Keep Going

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Some weeks’ things don’t work out. The sales are bad. Employees give you trouble. Accidents happen. Customers don’t pay. Competitors get to you. The bills pile up. Don’t give up. Get enough sleep. Take an hour for you...

Daily Online Business Tips – Are You Chasing Rainbows?

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There’s good information, and information that sounds good – and there can be a big difference between the two. With experience and reflection, you can identify which is which quickly and save a lot of time. Click ...

Daily Online Business Tips – Be The Dumbest Person in the Room – Always Hang Out With Smarter People

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Hang out with people who are smarter than you, faster than you, more skilled than you and those who have accomplished things similar to what you want to accomplish. Sometimes, being the dumbest person in the group is ...

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