Retirement planning and funding are my passions.

If you know my story you know that my father, after working as a dentist for 35 years and retiring on an insurance settlement after his office burned to the ground, is now living on Social Security because he lost everything in a Ponzi scheme he had unknowingly invested in.

I spent almost 30 years working, planning and saving for retirement and, even though I had almost half a million dollars, I found I was not financially prepared for retirement.  Therefore, I have been doing a lot of research and studying so I can provide you with the information and education needed so you can plan for your retirement. To that end, I was looking around online and found another article that has a lot of good information reference mistakes many individuals make when planning for retirement.

This article, “The Dirty Dozen Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid”, lists 12 mistakes that many individuals make when planning or not planning for retirement. In an interview of Hamilton on PBS’s Frontline TV show, over 900 people in any given 1000-person retirement plan will retire in poverty or run out of money before death.  That’s a staggering 90% failure rate!  I hope you found this fact as astounding as I did!

There’s More To Retirement Planning Than Just Funding Your 401(k) or IRA. Discover The 12 Retirement Planning Mistakes You Must Avoid So Your Golden Years Aren’t Spent Flipping Burgers

Key Ideas

  1. Reveals why you can’t rely on anyone else to fund your retirement, including the government.
  2. Discover which 3 major health care issues could jeopardize your financial security.
  3. Explains the make-or-break value for developing your investment knowledge now.

Retirement planning is one of the most important financial goals you’ll undertake – and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Do it right and your golden years can be filled with independence, joy, and freedom. 

Conversely, make one of these 12 mistakes and you could face a life of poverty, dependence, and penny pinching.

The key to success is getting it right the first time because there’s no second chance once you hit retirement.

While you may think you’re on the right track by funding IRAs and/or a 401(k) retirement plan, experts caution you against false confidence.

According to Brooks Hamilton in an interview for PBS television’s Frontline, over 900 people in any given 1,000 person retirement plan will retire in poverty or run out of money before death.

That’s a shocking statistic.

It means over 90% of participants suffer financially in retirement.

Clearly, there must be a better way.

You can find the article here: The Dirty Dozen Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid

So, moral of the story is…write down your goals then work as hard as you can to achieve them. You will achieve much more when you have a quantifiable and understandable goal.

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