Hi, this is D. Scott Lofthouse of Lofty Enterprises here in Anchorage, Alaska.

I wanted to talk for a few minutes today about the employee vs entrepreneur mindset. This shift in mindset is very important for you to be successful as an entrepreneur. You can do everything brilliantly in setting up your business and running your show, but if you hold on to the employee mindset, you limit your vision and soon sabotage your success. The good news is that the right mindset is powerful, and if you stay with it, you’ll have the hardest part of the puzzle figured out.

Here are 10 ways to drop the employee mindset and get inside the head of the successful entrepreneur you’re about to become:

Step 10. Believe in Yourself, But Also Do Your Homework. Believe in yourself. That’s one thing we don’t hear enough as employees (or adults!). If you get this one, you’ll do just fine with the ups and downs of self-employment, but believing in yourself isn’t enough. Make sure to back it up with knowledge, information and massive action. Don’t rely on hope to get customers and clients; do the work and learn how to market and sell your products and services. But when they don’t sell, remember not to stop believing in yourself. Just change the strategy until you find something that works. The best entrepreneurs are always testing and experimenting.

You’ve got it in you to be among the best entrepreneurs. It starts with the right mindset, and combined with hard work and perseverance, it will be the key that unlocks your success.

Well, that concludes this video. If you have any questions you can reach me at [email protected] This is D. Scott Lofthouse of Lofty Enterprises wishing you all the success you deserve.

And remember, “Reach for Your Peak.”


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