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Daily Online Business Tips – Are You A Voluntary Slave To Your Business?

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“A slave to your business?” Maybe some of us. But more likely it’s voluntary slavery. We are willing to go through all this in exchange for what we will accomplish, express, develop, feel, and have available if we suc...

Daily Online Business Tips – You Have Only One Crack At Life. Make it Count!

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You have one crack at life and you don’t want to go down as “normal.” Make it count. Click the banner below to learn more about the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle, an online business system that is being used by regular ...

Daily Online Business Tips – Stretch Your Awareness of What’s Possible

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Observe things that are beyond you. Things far greater than your achievements – and hold them in wonder. Be in awe.  Stretch your awareness of what’s possible. It’s good for a businessperson. Click the banner below t...

Daily Online Business Tips – Don’t Play It Safe – Try Something New Today

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“Let’s not do or try anything that’s not proven.” You’ll be going up against the competition with the same tools they have – destined to compete on price where there are few winners. There are those that will point to...

Daily Online Business Tips – Tweaking: The Overlooked Success Strategy

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Many businesses aren’t making much (any) money but have 15 employees or so. They are a few paychecks away from making an acceptable profit. The marketing and sales need to be tweaked to work a little better, and the p...

Daily Online Business Tips – In Your Next Sales Pitch, Talk Less and Listen More

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In a sales situation, there’s a time for talking, but not until you listen first. This is what a typical sales call may demand: – First 40% of the time – ask questions and listen, and ask follow-up and clarification q...

Daily Online Business Tips – Only One Party Will Get That Sale – Winner Takes All!

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That job, that account, that business – only one of the parties competing for it will get it.  There’s no second place. You have to be the best choice for the buyer – on purpose. Get prepared. Click the banner below ...

Daily Online Business Tips – Always Avoid Crisis

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If it’s urgent AND important, it’s called a crisis – and it could have been avoided if you did the important stuff in the first place. What’s important? And remember, "Reach for Your Peak." ~D. Scott Lofthouse ...

Daily Online Business Tips – Being Busy Isn’t Important, Being Productive Is

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You have stuff to do. So do your people. Maybe it’s a lot of stuff. If someone was watching you, they may say you’re busy. But being busy isn’t what’s important.  We need to be productive. That is – getting stuff done...

Daily Online Business Tips – Train Your People

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If you don’t train your people, then they are running your business, not you. Do you (or someone else in your company) know what to train your people on and how to do it? If not, you need to get better yourself. Then ...

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